Polaris Ride Command Subwoofer Performance Upgrade Kit - Required if adding an amplifier and subwoofer to Polaris Ride Command 7" Display - 5 Year Warranty

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Please select the model UTV you are installing this kit on so we can include the correct wiring harnesses.  

Works on all Polaris RZR's, General's, and Ranger's with factory installed Ride Command 7" Display

This kit amplifies the factory Ride Command AMP3 (subwoofer) connector output so your subwoofer and amplifier will produce much better bass.  

If you do not install this Subwoofer Line Driver kit, your bass output will be very poor or none at all. 

Comes with everything you need to install plus 36" of RCA cable with male ends.  

Includes a remote gain control for fine tuning the bass output

The yellow wire connects to Constant Power terminal post under the hood (requires battery cables from battery to the power terminal strip under the hood which is not included).  The red wire connects to the Keyed Power terminal post under the hood, and the black wire connects to Ground.  

5 Year Warranty

NOTE:  If your amplifier has male inputs, you will need to convert the included RCA cable males ends to female ends (converters not included)  If your amplifier does not have RCA inputs and has speaker line inputs only, you will also need a Line Converter that converts line inputs of the amplifier to RCA ends (not included).