• Polaris Ride Command 7" Display Add-On Amplifier Harness - Easily add an external amplifier to all Polaris Ride Commands - Choose harness with female or male ends - Remote turn on wire

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    Built in the USA using high quality Rockford Fosgate RCA Harness

    Works on all Polaris units with factory installed Ride Command 7" Display

    Easily add up to 3 external amplifiers or up to a 6 channel amplifier

    Our harness plugs into AMP1, AMP2, or AMP3 connector on the factory Ride Command wiring harness.  Requires one harness for each AMP connector.  These are all high level outputs. 

    When we install amplifiers into a Ride Command unit.  We treat AMP1 as front speakers, AMP2 as rear speakers, and AMP3 as subwoofer.  

    One end of our harness plugs into output AMP1, AMP2, or AMP3 of the Ride Command Harness and the RCA end plugs into the input side of an external amplifier. 

    If you planning on using this harness to add a subwoofer, you will also need to purchase a our 2-Channel Line Driver kit part # RW-RC-RFPEQU.  This installs between this harness and the subwoofer amplifier.  If you do not purchase this 2-Channel Line Driver kit, there will be little to no bass output.  

    If you are using a Wet Sound Amplifier with 3.5mm connections, you will also need Wet Sounds Source Unit Adapter part# ST-DC-OEM 

    Our harness also includes one blue remote power wire so the amplifier will turn on when Ride Command is turned on.

    Choose either RCA male or female ends

    One harness is required for each amplifier

    NOTE:  If you are having issues with sound quality or no sound at all, it is not our harness that is causing the issue, it is the amplifier.