• 2017 - 2024 Can Am Defender Subwoofer Add-On Kit - Kicker 8" Tube Subwoofer - Memphis 300 Watt Amplifier - 100% Waterproof

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    This subwoofer kit sounds just as good if not better than most 10" boxed subwoofers 

    100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You will not be disappointed.  If it did not sound good, we would not sell it. 

    Easy Install - Plug and Play

    Massive bass

    Kicker's tube subwoofer gives you window-rattling bass and impressive power handling in a surprisingly small package. The enclosure includes a 8" subwoofer and a second passive sub (called a "passive radiator") which reacts to the air pressure produced by the active sub, creating lots more bass without any port noise.

    Kicker built this tube-shaped enclosure out of tough ABS plastic that'll stand up to the stresses of off road vehicle life. The tubular shape pushes bass frequencies into the air like a cannon, pumping deep, resonant sound into your vehicle and your ears. Spring-loaded wiring terminals make it easy to connect the wiring from your amp.

    • sealed enclosure with one 8" CompR subwoofer and passive radiator

    • tube-shaped ABS plastic enclosure

    • mounting brackets, grilles, and hardware included

    • power handling: 300 watts RMS (600 watts peak power)

    • frequency response: 30-500 Hz

    • Memphis MX300.2 Amplifier - 300 Watts RMS X 1 - Waterproof


      • Plug and Play - Comes with all the necessary power wires, speaker wires, RCA cables, to plug into a media receiver.

        • Works with all media receivers that have a subwoofer output
          • NOTE:  Check the back of your media receiver to see what kind of connector you will need.  This kit includes 16 feet of RCA cable with two male ends.   You might also need a one male to two female splitter or a AUX to female RCA (not included) 

        • Subwoofer mounts to the floor under drivers side seat 

        • Requires media receiver with RCA Sub Outputs (not included)

        • 2 Year Warranty

        • Fits all Can Am Defender Crew Models Only
          • This subwoofer kit will fit a 3 seat model but it is a pain in the ass.  The seat needs to removed (which is easy) to install the amplifier but it is a struggle to reattach.  It can be done, just not real fun.  If you are up to the task, order it up.  You will not be disappointed in the sound quality.